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Faithfully Asean is a unique ground-up initiative which brings together faith professionals and practitioners and interfaith facilitators to exchange on worthy ground-up initiatives, engagements, experiences, collaborations, challenges and best practices relating to intercultural and interfaith relations, cohesion, confidence and resilience.  Faithfully Asean (FA) adopts a practical and constructive approach – exchanging on real and prevailing issues, focusing on areas which could help enhance existing ties and transactions between peoples within the local and across regional neighbourhoods, which is in line with Asean’s spirit for promotion of regional peace.

FA was first launched by President Halimah Yacob in Singapore on 3 December 2018.

Given the challenges to regional social stability, security and harmony, it is imperative that communities constantly and creatively seek ways to constructively bring common people together onto common grounds using common senses for the common good.

The pioneer batch of alumni has been further engaged, trained and collectively implemented a joint regional community service project in the Philippines in September 2019 under the Faiths@Work (F@W) programme.  President Halimah met with the F@W team in Manila to congratulate and commend their collective spirit of compassion and commitment.

The FA and F@W regional programmes are presented and driven by Humanity Matters with steady support from Temasek Foundation.

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